We streamline the turnkey real estate investing process by providing the team, resources, and knowledge for you to grow your portfolio and invest with confidence.


Real Estate Investing Made Simple

We simplify investing by providing full-service turnkey solutions to investors of all levels. The entire process from start to finish is handled in-house by our talented team, to make investing simple for you.


Select from a list of properties we have already identified as great investments.


Receive frequent communication from our team on the status of your property.


Generate passive monthly cashflow from anywhere in the world.

Select the Perfect Investment Property With Confidence

NVST makes finding and purchasing great investment properties simple by filtering through thousands of potential opportunities and narrowing them down to those of the greatest quality and comprehensive returns.

No longer is there a need to spend hundreds of dollars on real estate investing programs and seminars. Every available property is paired with a pro forma outlining the estimated ROI and initial cash investment, so you know exactly what to expect before spending a dime.

Let’s get started.

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NVST makes the process of purchasing properties seamless by pre-negotiating the price and offering only rent-ready properties. We partner with industry-leading lenders, title and insurance companies to get you the best rates and make the process simple.

Simple Negotiations

Every property is negotiated in advance to get you the best price.

Hassle-Free Inspections

We take care of inspections, repairs, and other negotiations on your behalf.

Constant Communication

We'll continually keep you updated every step of the way.

Passive Monthly Cashflow

NVST makes it convenient to own rental properties and generate passive monthly cashflow from anywhere in the world. The markets we operate in have been historically proven to provide steady housing appreciation, in addition to the financial security and tax-benefits investing in real estate provides.

Excellent Long-Term Management

Stellar property management is key to maintaining long-lasting value of your investment. As part of NVST’s “full-service” approach we eliminate the worry and stress from our clients by providing the long-term maintenance and care for every investment. Our team of expert property managers will keep your investment running smoothly by attracting quality tenants, lowering vacancy costs, and keeping you informed with our innovative cloud-based management and accounting software.

A Few of the Companies We Work With

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